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Replace Your Job Income With Passive Income

Learn To Create A
Passive Income

A passive income gives you options in life and time back
with your family, doing what you love most
without trading your time for money.
This is what we teach women to do.

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Learn to manage your money and create the life you have always wanted.

Financial Coaching

Proven coaching services that will teach you to create your own plan for financial freedom.

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Highly experienced financial planning, mortgage broking, and accounting qualified experts.

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What People Are Saying

I first met Dionne about 20 years ago and feel absolutely blessed that that meeting took place because she has been giving me financial advice and helping me out with mortgages and purchasing properties and financial planning pretty much that whole time.


When I first met Dionne, I was living in a government house, a two bedroom government flat with my partner Chris, and we were interested in looking at buying a house. Well, Dionne helped us acquire our first home, which was in Kambah, and that was a beautiful home.


I was introduced to Dionne when I was 18 by my parents who had Dionne’s guidance and built their portfolio. And by the time I was 19, I bought my first property. When I was 21 I bought my second property with Dionne’s guidance.


Our Passionate Founder

Meet Dionne Lee

Dionne began her finance and lending career at age 17 and began her own wealth creation path through property with her first three investment properties many when she was 20, 21 and 22 years of age. That number has now grown into many property transactions and enormous knowledge which she has gained over the past 28 years.

Over her career, Dionne has had invaluable experience in mortgage lending, real estate, financial planning and most importantly educating her clients to create their own wealth through ongoing education.

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Online Own-Paced Training

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Q&A Video Questions and Answers Uploaded Weekly

Your questions answered weekly by Dionne

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1 On 1 Coaching

Six 1 on 1 coaching sessions with your own financial coach.

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Live Bootcamp

Invitation to attend a live weekend boot camp with Dionne and her coaches.

Group 36
Professional Services Access

Access to Dionne’s personal team of professional experts in who work together as a team to help you reach your ultimate life goals.

Group 33
Additional Income Opportunity

Opportunity to earn an additional income as one of Dionne’s financial coaches.

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