Dionne Lee - CEO & Director

Dionne began her finance and lending career at age 17 and began her own wealth creation path through property with her first three investment properties of many when she was 20, 21 and 22 years of age. However her first exposure to understanding Passive Income and Money Management was at age 12 when playing a board game that taught about how to set yourself up to have an income coming in every week without needing to wake up to the alarm clock to go to ‘work’, trading time for dollars.

About The Woman Inspired

Dionne learned very early on that a passive income gives you options in life and time back with your family, doing what you love most. It is this that Dionne loves to teach others. She loves to see her clients’ faces when they really understand what she is teaching them and her client’s results tell it all.

Over her career, Dionne has had invaluable experience in mortgage lending, real estate, financial planning and most importantly, educating her clients to create their own wealth through ongoing education.
Dionne now has a team of passionate people who love the wealth creation process as much as she does, who are out there doing it for themselves and are ready to assist you today.

Our Vision

We truly believe that a woman inspired is a woman empowered and that this empowerment comes through sound financial education, accurate analysis, effective planning strategies, expert coaching and proven financial strategy.

In particular, we want to help women who have never learned how to manage money effectively or learned how to create more. Our goal is to help these women create the life they have always wanted with true financial freedom, by replacing their ‘job’ income with ‘passive’ income.

We have already done this for many women and we would love to help you make your financial dreams come true.